JRS Industrial Services work closely with customers to deliver smart solutions to meet the diverse and unique engineering needs.

HVMS – Power Engineering

JRS first started supplying skilled and qualified railway contractors to Trackside Ltd before the merge with HVMS. Over the past several years JRS has supplied a reliable workforce for such projects as the East London line Extension where we took delivery of and assembled over 100 tons of Transformers and switchgear for the traction substations. We have also supported the upgrades of a large number of network rail substations around London and the southeast, London Overground and the Kent power supply upgrade.


Applied Materials Implant Division – Horsham

When Applied Materials had there engineering facility at Horsham JRS industrial Services was the in-house final assembly contractor.

During this time JRS undertook all implanter final assembly installation within the factory prior to the machines be tested and shipped to the customers. The work involves precision positioning and alignment of large modules using special moving equipment such as air skates.

  • Install experience on 9500, Xr80, Quantum QX and QX plus systems ion implanters
  • Beamline assembly and module integration
  • Rigging moving and manual handling of all major assemblies
  • Prototype and engineering work
  • Project management
  • Customer Upgrades

Applied Materials

Nordiko – Havant UK

JRS worked with Nordiko on a number of projects and supplied hands on skill for the fabrication of cable and wiring looms

Various project were managed on behalf of Nordiko

Acted as employment agent for contractors


Ryder’s Logistics

While Ryder’s where Applied Materials logistic provider, JRS designed and fabricated various shipping and handling jigs. These where designed to deliver material handling solutions for the safe handling of heavy plant