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JRS Industrial Services Ltd provide specialist engineering services to the semi-conductor industries. We specialise in Applied Materials machine installations, machine dismantling and relocation of sensitive equipment.


As a company we have one of the largest collection of Applied Materials Ion Implanter install engineers. We can supply skilled engineers to undertake implanter installs, removals or upgrades. Our skill set covers their full range of implanter from the early applied 9500 and xR80s thou to the latest Quantum’s and single wafer machines.

JRS Industrial Services are experienced with semiconductor equipment handling in a clean room environment. We understand what is involved in working within any class of clean room within a facility and the special requirements involved.

We provide a first class service to any customer who has Applied legacy implantation tooling.

A typical job for JRS is to consult with the tool owner and get a detailed outline of the project. We will then return with a plan of works and outline what and who is involved. If for example a machine is to be relocated to another plant then we can ensure that the to is taken apart in a thoughtful way to ensure that the recommissioning is as smooth as possible. We pride ourselves on keeping the integrity of the machine in contact, we have known some companies to cut out all inter connect wiring which needed replacing at additional cost to the tool owner. Our methods involve de-wiring connectors and making notes of any dewiring as the job progress, a small amount of time spent at this stage can save a huge amount of time at the re-assembly


JRS Industrial Services work closely with customers to deliver smart solutions to meet the diverse and unique engineering needs.

HVMS – Power Engineering

JRS first started supplying skilled and qualified railway contractors to Trackside Ltd before the merge with HVMS. Over the past several years JRS has supplied a reliable workforce for such projects as the East London line Extension, London Overground and the Kent power supply upgrade.


Applied Materials Implant Division – Horsham

When Applied Materials had there engineering facility at Horsham JRS industrial Services was the in-house final assembly contractor.

During this time JRS undertook all implanter final assembly installation within the factory prior to the machines be tested and shipped to the customers. The work involves precision positioning and alignment of large modules using special moving equipment such as air skates.

  • Install experience on 9500, Xr80, Quantum QX and QX plus systems ion implanters
  • Beamline assembly and module integration
  • Rigging moving and manual handling of all major assemblies
  • Prototype and engineering work
  • Project management
  • Customer Upgrades

Applied Materials

Nordiko – Havant UK

JRS worked with Nordiko on a number of projects and supplied hands on skill for the fabrication of cable and wiring looms

Various project were managed on behalf of Nordiko

Acted as employment agent for contractors


Ryder’s Logistics

While Ryder’s where Applied Materials logistic provider, JRS designed and fabricated various shipping and handling jigs. These where designed to deliver material handling solutions for the safe handling of heavy plant


Rail news

SIEMENS has won a contract worth some £1.5 billion to build the new Thameslink fleet, after fending off competitor Bombardier to be named as preferred bidder. Siemens said the project would create up to 2,000 jobs in the supply chain.

The Derby and Derbyshire Rail Forum is shrugging off the loss of the business to Derby-based Bombardier, saying that the Derby rail sector would ‘remain very much in business’. Bombardier itself has yet to comment.

Rail minister Theresa Villiers said: “The announcement of Siemens as preferred bidder for this contract represents the best value for money for taxpayers. It will create around 2,000 new jobs and will provide Thameslink passengers with modern, greener and more reliable trains.

“The new trains are a major part of the Government’s commitment to introduce an additional 2,100 carriages on to the rail network by 2019. Once the new trains are delivered, current Thameslink rolling stock becomes available to improve rail services in the North West of England, the Thames Valley and other areas yet to be confirmed.”

There had been high hopes that the contract, involving up to 1,200 new vehicles, would be awarded to Bombardier. But the decision to choose a preferred bidder had been deferred several times by the Department for Transport, with the two shortlisted contenders making their best and final bids in January this year.

Siemens managing director for rolling stock in the UK, Steve Scrimshaw, said he was delighted. He added: “Our selection is a significant achievement, not only for the rolling stock teams both in the UK and Germany but for Siemens overall.”

In a statement, the company added that the selection had been made on strict evaluation criteria, with focus on deliverability, affordability and value for money. Although some of the components are set to be made in Britain, the trains themselves will be built in Germany.

The fleet will be the first production run of Siemens’ new Desiro City units (model, pictured), which have been developed for the British market.

Siemens is in partnership with Cross London Trains, a consortium of Siemens Project Ventures, Innisfree and 3i Infrastructure. The name is not without significance: the next major rolling stock contract in Britain will be for the Crossrail fleet, and some industry observers have already suggested that the winner of the Thameslink contract is likely to be favourite to build the Crossrail trains in due course as well.


JRS Industrial Service has a new website, we hope you like it. We will be post regular news updated so that you can keep up to date with the latest news from JRS. JRS Industrial Service continues it growth into the semi conductor industry as many older Applied Materials Ion implanters are iether being relocated or re located