AMAT Tools

JRS Industrial Services Ltd provide specialist engineering services to the semi-conductor industries. We specialise in Applied Materials machine installations, machine dismantling and relocation of sensitive equipment.

QxroofAs a company we have one of the largest collection of Applied Materials Ion Implanter install engineers. We can supply skilled engineers to undertake implanter installs, removals or upgrades. Our skill set covers their full range of implanters from the early applied 9500 and xR80s thou to the latest Quantum’s and single wafer machines.

JRS Industrial Services are experienced with semiconductor equipment handling in a clean room environment. We understand what is involved in working within any class of clean room within a facility and the special requirements involved.

We provide a first class service to any customer who has Applied legacy implantation tooling.

A typical job for JRS is to consult with the tool owner and get a detailed outline of the project. We will then return with a plan of works and outline what and who is involved. If for example a machine is to be relocated to another plant then we can ensure that the tool is taken apart in a thoughtful way to ensure that the recommissioning is as smooth as possible. We pride ourselves on keeping the integrity of the machine in contact, we have known some companies to cut out all inter connect wiring which needed replacing at additional cost to the tool owner. Our methods involve de-wiring connectors and making notes of  the original configuration as the job progress, a small amount of time spent at this stage can save a huge amount of time at the re-assembly stage.